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via dell’Arcoveggio 50

Camera Azzurra Sophia Art
via dell’Arcoveggio 50


BLUE is the color of the water and its clarity. Blue is the truth. It is linked to the deity. Not surprisingly the nobles are considered “blue blood”, blue looked like eternity and continuity. Blue is the color of silence, calmness and tranquility: indeed in a blue room heartbeats decrease. This is the right color for inspiration and feel the vibrations of the body.

* Wi-fy to browse the Internet *Daily Room cleaning *En suite bathroom *Use Of Kitchen

 Double room for single use € 35.00 *

Double room-double use € 55.00 *

Triple room € 75.00 *

Courtesy Shuttle free from 10 to 19 for the Arrival ( Sundays and holidays not available )

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