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Bed & Breakfast SOPHIA ART

di Piero Carlucci 347-2207018

Hi, thank you for choosing to visit my site. Let me introduce myself: I’m Piero Carlucci.

My business was born to play. As a teenager I would stop for hours observing the case, imagining how I would have liked to transform them. Then came the passion for colors. My friends, kiddin’, I said I was a dangerous person when I found myself in his hands a brush, because everything that I used to pull the I painted. The bright colors were among my favorites.


So I set up the Sophia Art Bed And Breakfast. Sophia that in Greek means wisdom, the wisdom of harmonizing the colors of the rooms with the mood of the people.

In renovating the rooms and the apartments I was inspired by the power of colors on my state of mind, thinking this could be acceptable even to my guests!

I guess the guest’s pleasure in choosing the color that harmonizes more with his mood.


Bed & Breakfast SOPHIA ART

* Courtesy Shuttle from 10 to 19 for the Arrival * Wi-fy to browse the Internet * daily Room Cleaning * private bathroom * kitchen use







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